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Devotion started by the Camelites in the city of PRAGUE in the beginning of the 17th Century. Princess Polyxenia of LOBKOWITZ had received a wedding gift from her mother, a statue of the Divine Child, previously bought from Spain. After the death of her husband, the Princess devoted herself to works of charity and was particularly helpful to the Camelites in Prague. When in 1628 the Camelite Monastery had been reduced to poverty due to the ravages of war, the Princess gave her precious statue to the Camelites saying: “I give you what I prize most highly in the world, honour and respect the Child Jesus and you shall never be in want.” Her gift was placed in the Camelite ORATORY. The words of the Princess proved prophetic for as long as the Camelites kept up their devotion to the Divine infant of Prague, everything prospered with them. The Camelites were later forced to flee from the city and in the confusion of war, they were unable to take with them their miraculous statue. The invaders seized it and threw it into a pile of rubbish. In 1635, peace came to Prague and the Camelites returned. One of them Rev. father Cyril who had previously received great spiritual help through his devotion to the Infant of Prague, sought the statue and found it amidst the rubbish. Over joyed, he placed the statue again in the Oratory. Once more, they witnessed peace and prosperity. The author of the book titled Short Stories for Children, Book 1 was a student in London way back in 1961-1963, having gone there from the University Teaching Hospital Ibadan where he worked. This was immediately after he had taken part at the Nigerian Independence ceremonies on 1st October, 1960 at the Race Course Lagos. He worshipped at the West Minster Cathedral in London frequently. One day, he strayed into the Catholic Truth Society (C.T.S.) Bookshop not far from the Cathedral and discovered the statue of the Holy Infant of Prague on the shelves. It attracted him and he paid for it ... The idea of creating a Nursery and Primary school was hatched by the Awasums in 1993. In the application to the Ministry of National Education, there was a section for the name of the proposed school. After reflection for a while, the couple unanimously decided to name it “The Holy Infant” and the statue of the Holy Infant occupies a privileged place in the school Library. It is incumbent to the learners of Holy Infant School Complex in particular and the public in general to know the history of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague and how the statue found its way to Cameroon and now in the Holy Infant School. If the school appears to be making steady progress, it is understandably thanks to the Infant Jesus the MIRACULOUS WORKER. (Source: Awasum Soh Simon, Short Stories for Children: Collection of Tales, Poems and Useful Life Situations for Teaching, Book 1, Messie Printing & Stationary, Yaounde, Cameroon, 2003.)


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